A Reactionary Century? New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions

Reaction is a dark force that first confronts us, then surrounds us, and finally traps us. It consists of not wanting any changes and even less thinking about those that are needed. It implies the desire to go back to a past that no longer exists and never was what we had idealized. Facing the future, it means asking our fear for advice, and it is a very bad adviser. We become reactionaries when we keep hope in a safe deposit box. And so it goes with us.

Who would say that this century, which begun with good promises, would instead conversely lead us to a disaster?

- Peace did not follow the ghost of nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, but rather what followed was a metastasis of asymmetric wars.

- The increase in wealth was not followed by its equitable distribution, but by an obscene concentration.

- After a rapprochement among peoples with technological marvels came an increase in economic and social distance.

- Increased knowledge of nature was followed by its hardened destruction.

- To the ever-larger understanding the mechanisms of life followed the contempt towards it.

- Judiciousness in the management of public affairs was followed by waste and squandering, with senseless destructions and constructions.

- To the variegated coexistence of races and beliefs followed the Babel of confusion.

- Clear and serene thought was followed by dark and blind rationalization.

- Generosity was followed by selfishness.

- After the acknowledgement of our limitations came denial and after humility came arrogance.

- Visionary leadership was followed by petty mediocrity.

- Obesity conceals hunger.

- Consumerism conceals poverty.

- Acceleration dissimulates the general morass.

- The smiles in adverts disguise the sadness of life.

- Alleged heroism conceals fear.

- For believers, it is as if by the end of mass we turned our backs on each other instead of shaking hands. For non-believers, it is as if we were so busy in attending our smart phones that we could not see our neighbors.

- We need to make a 180-degree turn. A huge effort is not needed: in each of these points we just need to initiate the turn and have the will to do so. The best diplomacy begins with small steps.

- Each of these points holds a long story with data and arguments that we will develop in future articles.

- My best wishes: May we start pondering about these points and start making the turn.

- Happy holidays!

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