2019 and what follows

A tradition that some practice and others do not is to begin the New Year by stating some resolutions to carry out, even when they frequently can slide towards a collection of wishes and desires. Our New Yorker-Argentinean coeditor intends to follow that tradition, but, uncontrollable his temper, first he wants to shock us so that he can then present his ideas and previsions regarding what might happen in the complex and always changing geopolitical scenario of the contemporary world. Aiming high, he forces us to reflect.

In the Development Section, we continue with the effort of unveiling interests and privileges that need to be kept concealed for their continued reproduction. In this edition, we analyze the case of extraordinary profits obtained by large corporations. They say they are legitimate and sometimes even legal. It is worth reviewing how they arise and where they come from to ask ourselves if there are no better options.

In the Transformations Section, we have found an old reflection by a well-known English author regarding whether we are afraid of thinking. It is not new the fear of thinking or its consequences.

Sections Reflections and Initiatives keep standing out.

At the beginning of this year we combine the preciseness we always aspire to, with brushes of disguised humor (irony, as they are called in the hood).



The Editors

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