2018 can be

Every new year  the fantasy of desired or dreamed changes can inspire awakenings towards possible changes. Changes usually respond to questions. One question that is repeated over centuries is how some powerful minorities can subdue large majorities to preserve outrageous privileges; privileges sustained on the shoulders of the oppressed. There is no lack of explanations.

Where does the power of a few reside to be imposed onto many?

Privilege always counts on repressive force to obligate, silence, or eliminate real or eventual resistances. Today, it also has that force which occasionally activates to intimidate, cause fear, and contain reactions. The rest of the subduing work is done by molding our subjectivities; that is, introducing in our personalities values and common sense that facilitate submission. Now, as in the past, domination is made viable culturally. Through media, educational and judicial control as well as with ideologies developed by certain think tanks, social life organizing principles are established far apart from transforming the course and way of functioning. Social fabric is fragmented, banality of consumption is praised, every man for himself motto is inoculated into the minds, the false notion that any possession is due just to our own merit prevals. Frequently plunging into bottomless pleasures, those incapable of appeasing what is unbridled, the ones who are never satisfied when the instantaneous eases up. The endless greed emerges, as the belittlement of others; trample on heads is naturalized.

Is it that all these and so much more come with the human nature? is all what we have and no other social or individual options are out there?  

It depends, is a possible answer. If somberness is encouraged and external and internal slaveries are renewed, then more and more of the same will keep on burdening humanity and the planet. Instead, if we encourage the best in human beings, if we build for everybody without leaving no one forgotten or punished behind our backs, if we make possible for courage to bend fears, if instead of asphyxiating we lend hands, if we think not just in what we desire but also in all the “whys” of each action, if we exchange arrogance for generosity, resentments for understanding, if we ceaselessly advance in peoples clarification and organization, then, we will open up trajectories of much more sense and meaning. When, how, and with what leaderships are critical issues that will end up shaping content of this perspective.  

2018 can be.



The Editors

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